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JMP curates stories of God at work in local contexts and cultivates learning communities that practice robust theological listening with these narratives. We are unashamedly story driven and committed to theological reflection. God’s action and activity is our starting place and focus.

Our method is for the journal to be like a table around which we gather with others to share the stories of what they are doing and discerning on the ground and in the local. This is a table with no pretence that any of us have figured it all out. We invite reflectors to assist and guide us in discerning themes and traces of the Spirit inviting us forward.

JMP Purpose

We are celebrating the ways the Spirit is always ahead of God’s people fermenting the kingdom and sowing seeds of hope for the new creation.

We observe that as Western people we have been formed to believe that life’s goals can be fulfilled without God. This is true even within our churches where we have reduced God to being merely useful within the empires of our own building.

The West is in the midst of massive, disorienting social upheavals that amount to the unravelling of a narrative that has shaped the modern period.

As the West unravels we continue to follow the Spirit of Jesus by gathering stories of God’s agency in local communities. In this it is absolutely necessary that we dismantle our empires to sit at tables with the other, the immigrant, the neighbor in order to discern how God is at work.

We share and celebrate these stories in order to reflect, learn, and participate with others in how God is already remaking the world.