Around the Table: Hospitality

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A central gospel metaphor for mission is hospitality. Jesus’ ministry was often conducted at an open table, it was ‘porous’, but how hospitable is the church? In Paul Weston’s view the church’s key sign for the hospitality of God, the Eucharist, has become hedged round with conditions in many traditions. Paul speculates that to have a high view of the sacrament of Eucharist may be to rediscover it as an outward looking celebration.

Many missional practitioners participated in the webinar through ‘chat’ text exchanges. In the clip below Mark Lau Branson picks up some comments and questions from Jamie Wilson and Chris James about our commitments and our discerning between the many stories which surround us. Mark picks up the importance of sharing stories as a committed practice, to be alert to signs of God’s presence in people’s lives, a place we meet with God. He notes that many of the stories in the journal are about listening to the stories of others.