A Deeply Rooted Missional Community in Bonny Downs

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Angie Allgood is interviewed by Martin Robinson in The Well, the Bonny Downs Community Centre, East Ham, London. She describes how it is that four generations of her family have chosen to stay in this place of deprivation, and how they came to set up the Bonny Downs Community Association.

Angie is now a social worker within the Bonny Downs Community Association, leading poverty response initiatives there. The BDCA has grown to employ nearly 60 members of staff and nearly 60 core volunteers. In 2015 it worked directly with around 3500 local people.
Angie’s sister Sally Mann is a minister of the church, with her husband Dave. She describes the close relationship between the Community Association and the church and tells the story of their community centre church plant nearby. She makes an important distinction. As she explains, ‘We are a missional community that worships together not a church that does mission.’

There are now a number of theological reflections on this narrative:

‘Visiting Bonny Downs’ by Martin Robinson

‘The Pilgrims of Bonny Downs’ by Michael Volland

‘Response to Michael Volland’s Reflections’ by Alan Roxburgh

‘A Remainers Perpective on Mission and Moving’ by Sally Mann

Angie Allgood and Sally Mann

Angie Allgood is a qualified social worker with 25 years experience. She founded the Newham nightshelter, the local foodbank and a homeless day centre. Angie offers welfare, housing and debt advice within the Bonny Downs Community Association, but really spends most of her time laying tables, chatting and sharing food with those in need! Sally Mann is an ordained Baptist Minister and a part-time university lecturer in sociology at the University of Greenwich. Sally co-leads two congregations in Newham and has a passion for creating theology in community. A born and bred EastEnder she fears the suburbs, and loves the grit and grace of local, no facade people.