Reflection: Conversation between Martin Robinson and Alan Roxburgh

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In a video conversation Martin Robinson and Alan Roxburgh discuss Martin’s interview with Maurice Glasman published in the Journal of Missional Practice above. They begin in the same place, with the fragmentation and polarization of our communities and the estrangement of these from the elites with economic and political power. There is a need for institutions which may act as mediating spaces in communities and hold the centre together. Many churches have discovered a new vitality through a renewed engagement with the local, but have not stepped into this mediating role. Ironically therefore there is a danger that growing churches could contribute to the further fragmentation of their neighbourhoods.

Alan and Martin wonder if the church can recover enough confidence in the power of its own narrative that itself can act as a mediating space. Can it offer outrageous hospitality, and broker the difficult conversations which will be needed to further the common good.

Lord Maurice Glasman and the New Commons from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

Martin Robinson

Martin is a church planter who is passionately committed to the exploration of what it means to be a missionary in post secular Europe. He is one of the lead editors of this journal.

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Alan Roxburgh

TMN founder, consultant, pastor, teacher and writer with more than 30 years experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education.

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