Healing Our Common Life and the Role of the Churches

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In a hopeful conversation Alan and Tim describe their impression of a widespread desire in western culture for a healing of our common life. Our communities are not thriving but there is a generative movement which is quite new. Alan and Tim name two great challenges for this good concern. The issues cannot be dealt with in a top down way. Nation states are too conflicted and remote from everyday realities to effect change. Also, disconnected from everyday realities, they have had a tendency to operate in silos. The new commons, those several aspects of our common life concerned with education, health, governance and the environment, are deeply interdependent. The churches are welcome, Tim and Alan propose, to act as connective tissue, for integration within a particular locality. The churches bring their more holistic hope, if they can grasp that God is actively pursuing the healing of our communities and desiring our participation.

Tim Soerens & Alan Roxburgh – Pt 1 from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

Tim Soerens & Alan Roxburgh – Pt 2 from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

Tim Soerens

Tim Soerens is an award winning author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founding director of the Parish Collective, a rapidly growing network of nearly 2,000 communities seeking holistic renewal of their particular neighborhoods. Tim is the co-author of 'The New Parish' and the co-founding producer of the annual Inhabit Conference and New Parish Conference UK. His latest venture is called “Neighborhood Economics” which is seeks to accelerate the flow of capital to entrepreneurs, especially in historically marginalized neighborhoods. He lives in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle with his wife Maria-Jose and their son Lukas.

Alan Roxburgh

TMN founder, consultant, pastor, teacher and writer with more than 30 years experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education.