What is Missional?

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Who We Are

We are God’s ordinary people, discerning what God is doing in our contexts to form communities that join more fully in God’s mission.

TMN is shaped by simple, powerful convictions expressed in three engagements informing our work and resources.

  • Discerning: We believe the missional journey is first, and foremost, about God’s activity in the world. The primary work of missional communities is discerning what God is doing in our local communities.
  • Forming: We believe the Spirit is actively present among God’s ordinary people. Local communities are called to be shaped by the practices of missional life and invited into a changed imagination for leadership and the locale of mission.
  • Joining: We believe that the Spirit is ahead of the church in neighborhoods and the global transformations shaping societies. Missional communities join the Spirit in what God is already shaping. This calls for a new humility wherein church life and Gospel proclamation are informed by the reciprocity of mutual listening.