The Bayview Webinar: The Long Journey into Neighborhood.

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Danny Fong is founding pastor of a church plant in San Francisco, in The Bayview neighborhood. He describes this, in his conversation with Mark Lau Branson, as one of the abandoned places of the empire. It has long been a community of migrants and a place of poverty and racial tension. Danny’s church planting team had first felt a call towards the neglected fringes of the city fifteen years ago, but as a community of Chinese-Americans, had been warned away from the particular challenges of The Bayview. However by a circuitous route, reminiscent of Acts 16, doors closing, they found themselves welcomed into this place. Shaped by Luke 10, Danny describes how they learned to go out there, in expectation of God’s presence and initiative, how they did find hospitality, and what came from that

Mark Lau Branson is part of the editorial team at JMP, as well as being an author, a professor at Fuller, and himself part of a church planting team. Here he reflects on his visit to Sally Mann’s neighbourhood in London, and with Danny Fong on his long-term engagement with The Bayview area. Danny has found that as church planters, though with homes close by, the welcome has been sometimes guarded. It is only as they are perceived as being settled and committed, that friendships and partnerships flourish.