The Bayview Webinar: Discerning God in the local economy

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Danny Fong is pastor of Redeemer Community Church in the Bayview area of San Francisco, which has enjoyed a deepening relationship with the marginalized community of that neighborhood. He is also on the board of a technology consultancy that has a track record in youth training. Consequently, he and other directors were sensitive to the labor issues of that district and the poverty of opportunity for young people. Three years ago, they opted to move their business into the neighborhood and to share their space with the church. The principal of the business, Chi-Ming Chien, took a sabbatical. Walking the streets, he noted signs of activity but also abandoned premises and opportunist loan sharks. Danny describes how this technology consultancy, from its new base, was able to set up a supportive loan service for local businesses and how they dealt with the imbalance of power between lenders and receivers.


In this clip Mark Lau Branson refers back to the shaping scriptures which Danny Fong has described, Luke 10 and particularly Acts 16, the vision of the Macedonian man, and the many turns and surprises which led them to Lydia. Like Redeemer Community Church in the Bayview, the new church that Mark is part of in Pasadena/Altadena has dwelt in these passages, which have helped them in their own experiences of discernment and disappointment.  Mark describes their ‘Retreat on the Street’ practice which has helped them link these scriptures with their journeys into neighborhood. There were surprising twist and turns. Mark describes an unexpected approach from some local businesses who were drawn to the church’s work with young people and young offenders, and the transforming conversations which emerged from that.